Kristin (kristinleigh14) wrote in antihipstergang,

Location: the most gangstalicious part of the South Shore..North Dartmouth, MA.
Sex: i'm a WOMAN
Favorite Pirate: Captian Hook
Favorite Book: reading is for losers!
Favorite Movie: the one where jay dances in girlie underwear to the thong song
Number One Dream in Life: find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Music samplings: if the booty can shake to it, i like it
Reason for deeming yourself a "gangster": i can drop it like its hot, got hoes in different area codes, stop drop shut em down open up shop, put my hand up on your hip when you dip i dip you dip, and know an 8 figga n**** by the name of jigga.
Where you found out about our gang: Yo
Finish this sentence…”two rabbis walk into a bar…”: get really shitfaced and pass out
How do you feel about:
X:the media whatever
X:sex yea baby
X:politics eh
X:hipsters pshhaww
Are you ugly and/or a hipster: (mandatory, just attach a picture) the first and not the second
Have you or someone you know ever been a member of new_cool_kids?: (this will not *necessarily* be held against you) no
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