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Hello to the great Wide Expanse. I'm not all about the "gangsta" theme, but that too shall change over time.

Name:Zach T****
Location:here, lonley lincoln Ne
Sex: Male
Favorite Pirate:Pirates blow me for dubloons.
Favorite Book:The Dark Tower (series) by [stephen King]
Favorite Movie:Star Wars {trilogy}
Number One Dream in Life: <----- pointless question
Music samplings:Atmosphere, NIN, Classical, Deltron 3030, Radiohead, Flogging Molly... I could go on.
Reason for deeming yourself a "gangster":The thing is, I do not, have not and never will (a)consider myself "gangster" (b)wish to be considered a "gangster" and (c)shit where I sleep.
Where you found out about our gang:
Finish this sentence…”two rabbis walk into a bar…”: Then, realizing that the bar is not, in fact, the strip club they were looking for, The two rabbis promptly leave in a swirl of robes.
How do you feel about:
X:the media - for the witless, the uninformed and the terminally bored.
X:sex - sex feel good!
X:politics - lets not.
X:hipsters - define "hipster"
Are you ugly and/or a hipster: that means I have to take a picture, scan it, host it and enter in the code so you can see it. No thanks, talk to me about a picture later.
Have you or someone you know ever been a member of new_cool_kids?: (this will not *necessarily* be held against you) Shutthefuckup. :)
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