Rachel (redsparkle) wrote in antihipstergang,

Name:Rachel Blizack
Location: Lincoln Nebraska
Sex: female
Favorite Pirate:I hate pirates
Favorite Book: "Dandelion Wine" and another one
Favorite Movie: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Dream Catcher
Number One Dream in Life: To not be so damn dumb
Music samplings: What about them?
Reason for deeming yourself a "gangster":because people say I dress like one because I'm more gangster than girl
Where you found out about our gang: Ruth's livejournal, because I love Ruth and miss her
Finish this sentence??two rabbis walk into a bar??: The End
How do you feel about:
X:the media-It's all bullshit
X:sex-Still bullshit
X:politics- everything is bullshit
X:hipsters-they're whack
Are you ugly and/or a hipster: (mandatory, just attach a picture) depsite the fact I feel it, I'm going to say no.
Have you or someone you know ever been a member of new_cool_kids?: (this will not *necessarily* be held against you) No
You want to see a picture, look at my icon, I'm too damn lazy to post one on this piece of shit client
-Good night
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