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Name: Helen (or Yo if you knew me in my gangsta life)
Location: Link-town…or just Lincoln if you’re getting sick of my shtick
Sex: womanly womanly woman
Favorite Pirate: Gráinne O'Malley…Irish pirates are the bomb
Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice, The tin Drum, Wicked, The Ice Storm
Favorite Movie: The Best Years of Our Lives, The Breakfast Club, Seven, The Usual Suspects, Mary Poppins, Fahrenheit 451
Number One Dream in Life: Well, I get this question. I want to become a rich old bitchy damn and dye my hair pink and call people dahling all day.
Music samplings: Favorite ever is Jackson 5, before Michael became a sick old white man, Plain White T’s, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Goapele, Jason Mraz, Immortal Technique, KRS 1,De La Soul, Etta James
Reason for deeming yourself a "gangster": Jigga please, I owned Chris when I dated him and everyone recognized that I was the black one in the relationship. I am totally down.
Where you found out about our gang:Ruth and I wanted to start a gang and we decided that girls with old women’s names is not a good gang premise.
Finish this sentence…”two rabbis walk into a bar…”: and the circumcision frenzy of 2003 ensues.
How do you feel about:
X:the media---I don’t care what you write about me as long as you spell my name right.
X:sex---sex is the depth of darkness and the height of love. It’s all your choice
X:politics---the two party system as it currently functions breeds nothing but a couple of sets of slack-jawed, non-functional guidelines that are becoming more and more congruous every year. That is not to say that I don’t see hope in the few free-thinking politicians who are out there. I find fault in the system itself.
X:hipsters---whackity, whack, whack…except for the exempted hipsters on this list.
Are you ugly and/or a hipster:
Have you or someone you know ever been a member of new_cool_kids?: (this will not *necessarily* be held against you)the cool kids thought I was cool. Weird huh?
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